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The Mazda Miata, also known as the MX-5 or Miata MX-5, is an iconic sports car that has captivated driving enthusiasts since its introduction in 1989. Designed with the philosophy of "jinba ittai" (horse and rider as one), the Miata embodies the joy of driving and delivers a thrilling open-top experience.

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The first generation of the Miata, known as the NA series, was an instant hit. Its classic roadster design, lightweight construction, and superb handling made it a favorite among sports car enthusiasts. The NA Miata featured a peppy 1.6-liter engine and a manual transmission, offering an engaging driving experience. This generation set the foundation for the Miata's success and became a symbol of affordable sports cars.

In 1998, Mazda introduced the second-generation Miata, the NB series. Building upon the NA's success, the NB Miata featured a more refined design and improved performance. It offered a choice of a 1.8-liter engine and introduced new features like optional ABS and a six-speed manual transmission. The NB Miata further solidified its reputation as a reliable and fun-to-drive sports car.

The third-generation Miata, the NC series, arrived in 2005 with a more modern and sleeker design. It featured a larger body and improved safety features, while still maintaining the nimble and responsive driving characteristics that made the Miata beloved. The NC Miata offered a choice of 2.0-liter engines and a power-folding hardtop option, expanding its appeal to a wider range of drivers.

In 2015, Mazda unveiled the fourth-generation Miata, the ND series. It brought back the lightweight and compact design reminiscent of the original NA Miata. The ND Miata featured a SKYACTIV-G engine, delivering increased power and fuel efficiency. It also incorporated advanced safety technologies and a more luxurious interior. The ND Miata has received widespread acclaim for its exceptional handling and driver-focused design. The 2016 model even won Car of The Year.

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